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Remember: We humans created this problem and must take responsibility for it. You can't blame the cats for this.

I am fortunate to have a colony of feral cats that have settled into my backyard. They are a small colony and come and go but a few remain faithful and stay. While many find this boring, please remember that we humans are the reason there are feral cats in our society because we have not spayed or neutered the parents and then dump the unwanted offspring on the sides of the roads. Please watch these videos and you will soon learn that although they are feral, they really are no different than a housecat. Please support Spay and Neuter and also support TNR of the dumped and unwanted cats and dogs. TNR stands for trap, neuter, release and is found to be beneficial for our environment as they control the vermin that would plague. Educate, please don't kill them. They really are your best pest control.

The photo of the white calico is my sweet Shaman. She has been coming here faithfully every day for 2 years and then disappeared on April 19, 2020. I miss her very much and hope she is alive and well.

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